Currency Risk Analysis Report – Marketing Slipsheet

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  • The currency exposure and risk analysis is a detailed report highlighting the risks associated with foreign currency exposure tailored to a specific company’s payment schedule. By utilizing risk analysis as a content marketing tool, Banks and FX providers can offer a tangible value-proposition to a prospective client and increase the odds of a face-to-face meeting.
  • For companies, a risk analysis can help boost profit margins by identifying global risks so that adjustments can be made to your internal policies and subsequently reduce exchange rate costs.
  • For banks, instead of leaving voicemails to prospects, where you tell them you offer a risk management advisory service, why not show them your capabilities and send them a marketing sheet highlighting a free risk analysis. Prospects will be more likely to meet with you, since they’ll be confident that you’re an expert FX advisor that’s capable of helping their business save money.
  • Please click the link: Contact Chris Murphy to get your tailored report for your company or for one of your clients.

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