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Don’t have time to write a weekly newsletter?  Don’t worry.  You’ve already written it!

Enclosed are 6 reasons you should be writing a weekly or monthly newsletter.

Why not repurpose your daily FX updates and create a more in-depth weekly outlook that your business clients will look forward to?


When I was in my twenties, I started out as a junior advisor on an FX Trading desk at a major bank and one of my jobs was to write the daily FX commentary.  It was a simple currency market news update consisting of a few paragraphs, written daily and highlighting the goings-on in the market.

Most banks continue this tradition today; writing the same tired daily commentary for business clients that I wrote in 1998, despite the advancement of the internet and technology. No charts, no graphs, no trend analysis, just a news update.  Don’t you think it’s time to stand out from your competition?

Why not repurpose daily emails and create a weekly newsletter? Worried the news will be stale? Don’t be.  Do you feel out-of-touch if you don’t get a daily update for your 401K?

Your clients are not FX Geeks like you and me; they don’t follow U.K. PMI or crude oil inventory data or whether some obscure FED official is jaw-boning about interest rates.  That’s your job.  You’re the expert.  And since most clients don’t have time to follow the daily minutia of the currency market, you’ll not only be offering more in-depth quality content, but you’ll be saving them time in the process by  sifting through the market noise and boiling it down to a few key takeaways for the week.

Here are a few reasons a weekly or monthly newsletter can increase sales and client retention:

– A newsletter can analyze and compare the weekly trend to the longer-term market trend; whether it be the FED, ECB, oil or various currencies.

– You can showcase your team’s intellectual capital and advisory capabilities by offering insight into the risks of doing business internationally, as a result of the weekly moves.

– Prospecting:  Increase the odds of your prospect returning your call by offering free market content.  A weekly newsletter is a great way to get a prospects’ email address and begin a relationship while simultaneously showcasing your ability to analyze the markets and manage currency risk.

– You can offer a Tip of the Week; whether it be about risk management, how to set a budget rate, how a forward contract works etc.

– Weekly Currency Spotlight:  Repurpose your daily FX updates by a specific currency and send a weekly currency spotlight to your prospects with that exposure.

– Time Saving for you:  Once you have the weekly template set up, going forward, you can update the  charts quickly with the updated rates for the week.

Here’s a weekly FX newsletter that I repurposed from daily updates.  You’ll see a chart featuring the summary of the biggest movers of the week and a currency-spotlight section highlighting the currency that was especially active that week.  Of course, you can tailor the newsletter to your needs.  Please send me an email by clicking: Contact Chris Murphy  and I’ll be happy to get you on your way to more prospects and happier clients.

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